Case Studies

We take pride in our projects

Project One

This project involved providing our comprehensive 360 degree services, the client involved us from the stage of site selection and its compatibility to pharmaceutical manufacturing requirements passing by URS development and professional engineering design, following up the city permit, manufacturing of the modular structure and construction.

Handing hazardous material areas was one of the major challenges that we managed utilizing our deep understanding of related standards and local codes.

Project Two
Biotech Laboratory

Acting as a general contractor (GC) we took over the responsibility of coordinating between all subcontractors, structure strengthening for placing HVAC units, fire retardant drywall assembly, fire protection system, lab hoods, plumbing and drainage works were handled according to the project specifications scope, timeline schedule and budget.

Communicating with all project stakeholders was the key to successfully deliver the intended results and satisfy our client’s expectations.

Project Three
Sterile Compounding Pharmacy & Non-Sterile Compounding

According to NAPRA standard required by health Canada we managed to execute this compounding pharmacy, while providing our state of the art lab furniture , also, plumbing , fire protection and Mechanical HVAC works had been eexecuted to the satisfaction of city requirements , this project was executed according the its intended schedule , cost and quality requirements

Communicating with all project stakeholders was the key to successfully deliver the intended results and satisfy our client’s expectations.

Project Four
Liquid Vapor (e_Cigarette)

This project involved providing our comprehensive 360-degree services, starting from identifying project’s technical needs, developing URS, conducting professional engineering design, city permit, manufacturing modular cleanroom structure, construction, execution, and commissioning.

This project was designed and built according to the latest GMP standards and local building regulations enabling our clients to expand their business and maintain their market resilience.

Project Five
Pharmaceutical Doors (GMP Design)

Pharma grade flush designed Stainless steel doors with all accessories and vision panel were provided to the client to replace their existing painted hollow metal doors which were legacy since many years. The challenge was the timeline given per door set replacement which is not more than 8 hours. ACH has provided C-channel to cover the painted doors frame to save onsite installation time and install new SS doors with available openings. Each doors and frame were custom design to suite site conditions.

Project Six
Micro Cultivation

This project involved providing professional engineering services by providing stamped Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, Fire protection & Electrical designs, while following up city notes to obtain city permit and enable construction.

We managed to provide a 3D model showing all services and utilities to our client and his contractors, which had a positive impact on the project construction & huge saving on cost.

Project Seven
Sterile & Non Sterile Compounding Rooms

We managed to deliver this project as an Engineering Project Management company, while coordinating all related works including cleanroom solutions with FRP, structural, fire protection system, HVAC system, plumbing, drainage and lab furniture supply and installation. Project was delivered according to defined scope, schedule, and budget.

Project Eight
Packaging Area Seperation

ACH has designed, fabricated, and installed the 4’ ft high wall with strong post at every 6’ in length to provide rigid support to partition wall. They were provided a high-quality, reliable cleanroom half partition wall that would maintain critical environmental conditions. Second, the flexibility of a half partition wall that could be modified or expanded to meet changing needs.

The flexibility provided by ACH’s with progressive and modular designs cleanroom partition wall is exactly what was needed by the client. The project was successfully completed with in timeslot provided by client suites their production schedule.

Project Nine
Genetical Research & Scientific Laboratories

ACH has design & build the ISO#7 class cleanroom with an anteroom. They were provided with a high-quality, reliable cleanroom modular structure that would maintain critical environmental conditions required for the client’s application.

The facility provided by the client was under construction for offices & other part of the laboratory. There were many construction crews working together. The general contractor was hired to provide electrical utilities inside the cleanroom. It was smooth interaction with GC for completing our cleanroom scope of work, with his help, the cleanroom construction was completed in 3 weeks of time.

Project Ten
Cleanroom Training Center – Sterile Pharmaceutical

One of the larger pharmaceutical company in GTA area wanted to develop their training center for their employees for pharmaceutical facility, utility and process requirement to demonstrate company’s expectation for manufacturing their product. ACH has provided design build support for establish their training center. The setup was for ISO 7 class with GI powder coated insulated panel infilled with rockwool. The training room was provided with anteroom , automatic door operators, HEPA filters and other accessories to meet GMP class expectation.

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