Project Twelve
Sterile Compounding Pharmacy

This large Hazardous Pharmacy for Sterile Compounding was created with an ISO 7 Buffer Zone, Anteroom, Support Zone, an area for unpacking and storing HD products, pressure differentials and an HVAC system with HEPA filters. The facility meets all GMP guidelines and is fully compliant with NAPRA standards. This project's construction timeline was 4 months to complete from start to end, including commissioning & validation supports.

A sterile compounding cleanroom is a controlled environment specifically designed for the preparation of sterile medications and products. It provides a highly controlled space with low levels of airborne particles, minimal microbial contamination, and aseptic conditions to ensure the safety and sterility of the compounded medications.

Some key features and considerations of a compounding cleanroom include: cleanroom classification, airflow and pressure control, HEPA filtration, environmental monitoring, cleanroom garments, surface materials and finishes, cleaning and disinfection, equipment and supplies, training and certification, and regulatory compliance.

ACH Engineering is proud to have successfully completed several projects designing and constructing ISO 7 sterile compounding cleanrooms. Contact us today for your next project!

Burlington, ON

$500k CAD




4500 sq. Ft

Design to Commissioning

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