Project Fourteen
Polymer Sciences

A part of the polymer sciences industry, this client required a large ISO 7 cleanroom. This project involved working with the client to understand requirements and provide a complete turnkey solution specific to their needs. For example, no gas connections were available on the site, so an electric HVAC system was designed. The room was also required to be electrically classified with a walkable ceiling.

A cleanroom in the field of polymer sciences refers to a controlled environment specifically designed for conducting research, development, and manufacturing activities related to polymers and polymer-based materials. Cleanrooms play a crucial role in maintaining the quality, purity, and integrity of polymer samples, formulations, and products.

Some key considerations for a cleanroom in this field include contamination control, cleanroom classification, air filtration and ventilation, facility design and materials, equipment and tools, gowning and personal protective equipment (PPE), material handling and storage, waste management, cleaning and maintenance, documentation, and quality assurance.

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Edmonton, AB

$860k CAD



In Process

1000 sq. ft.

10 Months

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