Project Eight
Packaging Area Separation

For this project, ACH designed, fabricated, and installed a 4’ ft high wall with strong posts at every 6’ in length to provide rigid support to the partition wall. They were provided a high-quality, reliable cleanroom half partition wall that would maintain critical environmental conditions in the given packaging area. In addition, the flexibility of the half partition wall allows it to modified or expanded to meet changing needs. The flexibility provided by ACH with the progressive and modular designed cleanroom partition wall is exactly what was needed by the client.

A packaging area separation wall refers to a physical barrier or partition that separates areas within a facility. It serves as a means to control access, prevent cross-contamination, and maintain the integrity of the packaging process. Key aspects that must be considered when installing a partition wall is material selection, wall construction, airflow and ventilation, doors and access points, windows and viewing panels, compliance with regulations, integration with utility services and its maintenance and cleaning. Proper design, construction, and maintenance of the separation wall are essential to ensure its effectiveness in creating a controlled environment for packaging operations.

Cambridge, ON

$200k CAD




2,000 sq. Ft

6 Months

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