Vision Panels

Cleanroom Solutions to Meet Your Requirements

Cleanroom windows (vision panels) are needed to have a visible access to internal operations without the need to gown, which will enable overseeing internal operations and site visits.

Manufactured to integrate seamlessly with modular wall systems, ACH Engineering's vision panels comply with cGMP requirements.

We offer a variety of windows for clean room applications that integrate seamlessly with its modular wall and ceiling systems. Cleanroom windows can also be integrated into return air walls to minimize any air flow disruption.

Cleanroom windows are available in different designs and arrangements, such as:

  • Beveled windows
  • Flush windows
  • Double flush windows

Sizes can be customized according to project requirements, for more information, feel free to reach out.

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Window Glazing

In all cases, the smooth surface of the vision panel ensures cleanliness, hygiene, stability and attractive appearance.

Our glazing options include:

  • Acrylic / Lexan
  • Double glazing
  • Tinted / Film covered glass
  • Tempered glass
  • Tinted glass

Single & Double-Glazed Vision Panel Features

  1. Frameless design mounts flush to wall for a clean, showcase window
  2. Window Material: Inside aluminium powder coated frame with toughened/tempered glass
  3. For installation in standard drywalls. Glass may be embedded in standard gypsum walls
  4. Surface-mounted.
  5. Available in Standard & Custom sizes
  6. Custom size windows - for combination between 3’x3’ to 3’x4’
  7. Suitable for walls thickness - 50 mm, 60mm
  8. Color Choice available.
  9. We develop and prefabricate each vision panel to fit Customer Specific Requirements
  10. Specially designed Single Glazed Vision Panels – suitable for Masonry Walls or one side flush wall.

Vision Panels from
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Cleanroom Vision Panels

Flexible Offering

Our vision panels (windows) are available in different sizes and designs to suite project requirements and conform to cGMP standards.

Smooth Surface

Our vision panels (windows) are provided with smooth surface ensuring cleanness, hygiene and stability while maintaining the attractive appearance and crystal-clear vision.

Aesthetic Look

Our vision panels (windows) are provided with different colors to match aesthetic and interior cleanroom design requirements.

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