Project Fifteen
Compounding Pharmacy

This project involved completely renovating a new industrial unit, acquired by the client, into pharmacy compounding rooms. The client required both sterile and non-sterile hazardous rooms, designed as per NAPRA guidelines and air flow requirements. The project scope included designing, applying for city permits and a complete construction scope as a General Contractor.

Sterile and nonsterile hazardous compounding rooms are specialized environments designed for the preparation of hazardous medications or compounds. These rooms are used in pharmaceutical compounding facilities, hospitals, or healthcare institutions where hazardous substances, such as cytotoxic drugs or hazardous chemicals, are manipulated.

Some key considerations for sterile and nonsterile hazardous compounding rooms include: the environment classification, aseptic techniques (sterile), safety measures, double containment (sterile), ventilation/filtration, personal protective equipment, spill control and waste management, regulatory compliance, training, and documentation.

It is important to note that the design and operational requirements of sterile and nonsterile hazardous compounding rooms may vary depending on specific regulations and the nature of the hazardous substances being handled. Consulting with experts and adhering to local guidelines and standards is crucial for ensuring the safety of personnel and the integrity of compounded hazardous medications.

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Oakville, ON

$150k CAD


ISO 7 & 8


350 sq. ft.

5 Months

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