Project Six
Micro Cultivation

This project involved providing professional engineering services including stamped Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, Fire Protection & Electrical Designs, while following up with the city to obtain city permits and enable construction for a micro cultivation facility. We managed to provide a 3D model showing all services and utilities to our client and his contractors, which had a positive impact on the project construction & huge saving on cost.

 Micro cultivation cleanrooms are controlled environments designed for small-scale cannabis cultivation with a focus on maintaining cleanliness, preventing contamination, and optimizing plant growth. While cleanrooms are more commonly associated with sterile or non-sterile compounding in pharmaceutical settings, the concept can be applied to the cannabis industry to ensure product quality and consistency. Some key considerations for this type of cleanroom include environmental control, air filtration, positive pressure, lighting, sterile techniques, gowning and personal protective equipment (PPE), facility design and construction, pest management, record-keeping and compliance, training and standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Implementing a cleanroom environment for micro cultivation can help maintain a controlled and clean growing environment, leading to improved plant health, higher-quality yields, and consistent product outcomes.



Barrie, ON

$100k CAD




2,000 sq. Ft

6 Months

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