Project Seven
Sterile & Non-Sterile Compounding

This compounding pharmacy facility was delivered as an Engineering Management Project, while coordinating all related works including cleanroom solutions with FRP, structural, fire protection system, HVAC system, plumbing, drainage and lab furniture supply and installation. The site was completed with sterile and NS compounding rooms, and accomplished according to the defined scope, schedule, and budget.

A sterile compounding cleanroom is a controlled environment specifically designed for the preparation of sterile medications and products. It provides a highly controlled space with low levels of airborne particles, minimal microbial contamination, and aseptic conditions to ensure the safety and sterility of the compounded medications.  A nonsterile compounding pharmacy cleanroom is a controlled environment specifically designed for the preparation of nonsterile compounded medications and products. Although not as stringent as sterile compounding cleanrooms, these cleanrooms provide a clean and controlled space to ensure the safety, accuracy, and quality of the compounded medications.

Some key features and considerations of a compounding cleanroom include: cleanroom classification, airflow and pressure control, HEPA filtration, environmental monitoring, cleanroom garments, surface materials and finishes, cleaning and disinfection, equipment and supplies, training and certification, and regulatory compliance.

Lathbridge, AB

$100k CAD




300 sq. Ft

6 Months

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