Cleanroom Coving

Cleanroom Solutions to Meet Your Requirements

Covings are required in Cleanrooms to provide fully flushed corner transition, seamless wall-ceiling and wall-floor connections and eliminate sharp corners in compliance with cGMP requirements.

Our covings can be provided with the following options:

  • Aluminum Coving (Powder Coated)
  • Aluminum Anodized Coving

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Cleanroom Coving

Easily Replaceable

Our cleanroom covings are available in different materials, while in all cases they are super easy to install, maintain, clean, and replace.

Robust Design

Our cleanroom covings are designed in such away to include backing angles and internal corners that maintain its robustness while providing a seamless wall-wall and wall ceiling connections.

Aesthetic Look

Our cleanroom covings are provided with different colors to match aesthetic and interior cleanroom design requirements.

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