Which Industries Use Cleanroom Technology?

Science laboratory test tubes, laboratory equipment

How clean can a room possibly be? Well, that is exactly where the role of cleanroom technology comes in. Cleanrooms are a technology that ensure there is a controlled level of contamination designed to maintain dust, airborne organisms, aerosol, or vaporized particle levels on a per cubic meter molecule measure.

To achieve this, air cleaning filtration devices, such as HEPA filters, and ultra-low particulate air (ULPA) filters are installed on the cleanroom walls and ceilings based on the contamination control theory. Most of the time, it is terminal HEPA filters, which are room side replaceable to avoid any contamination during exchange.

In this content by ACH Engineering, we will be precisely looking at 8 of the industries that are embracing cleanroom design aspects:

Pharmaceutical & Nutraceuticals

Disinfestation and good quality assurance are prerequisites in the pharmaceutical industry for economic survival of the manufacturer. Thus, cleanroom – a-controlled environment ensures sterile drugs, vaccines, and biomedical devices that are safe for the human body. We advocate packaging of medicines in separate cleanrooms to lessen the scope of contamination.

Nutraceutical’s manufacturing companies need to abide by the FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and the Dietary Supplement and Education Act of 1994. ACH Engineering abides by the regulation laws and promises to offer a certified system along with temperature and humidity-controlled cleanrooms.

Laboratories & Research Facilities

Manifold sciences experiments are highly sensitive and thus, this modern technology allows control over cross-contamination in laboratories. ACH Modular cleanroom with anteroom and interlocking system can provide a high class-controlled environment. In case of laboratory cleanrooms, though much effort is spent on aesthetically pleasing designs, we levy equal focus on the airflow requirements that do not hamper the workflow of the lab.

Hospital & Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) are on a steep rise across the world increasing patient vulnerability and surgical site infections (SSIs) that even lead to death. Health care and medical facilities are choosing to battle this with modern cleanroom technology – the first scientific step towards a sterile environment. ACH Engineering, a modular cleanroom manufacturer has rich experience of installing hospital cleanrooms in operation suites, surgery rooms, emergency wards, triage areas, burn units, therapy areas, isolation rooms, dialysis rooms, infusion centers, patient exam rooms and even in corridors. The aim is to create an antimicrobial environment with controlled levels of biohazardous materials and airborne particulates.

Food industry

Would you eat anything that has germs and bacteria? Most food manufacturing companies and farms are thus swearing to cleanroom environment to ensure the hygiene quality food to their customers. Additionally, the food will get longer shelf life if they are free from any contamination.

In the food industry, within stainless steel frames there is only choice of hardwall and softwall cleanroom. Our food process clients mostly prefer small, enclosed cleanroom units like ‘mini environments’ or ‘flow boxes’ with food-grade compatible lighting and portability benefits.

Cosmetics and Perfumes

As cosmetic products are used in direct contact with the human body, Cosmetics standard states cosmetics should be produced in conditions close to medical manufacturing units. With the introduction of cleanrooms in cosmetics and perfumes manufacturing space, one can protect the staff, products, and environment from getting contaminated.

We believe, modular cleanroom technologies are a must in the production space of decorative cosmetics (ex – lipstick), care cosmetics (ex – cream), medical cosmetics (ex – face wash) and perfumes. Though cosmetic producers still levy their focus only to control the contamination of their products, a through sterilization from the start to end in the cosmetic production cycle is a much-recommended practice.

Medical Cannabis

Though cleanrooms are crucial in cannabis grow rooms considering the levels of insects, pathogens, spores, and microbes; yet it often affects the live plants. It is therefore important to opt for modular cleanroom systems that provide independent climate control and parallel production. For cannabis facilities, we recommend ISO Cleanroom Certification Class 8 environment. The use of cleanrooms boosts regulatory compliances and at the same time, improves final quality and batch control of cannabis.

Sustainable Energy Supplies

Sustainable energy supplies are composed of solar cells using semiconducting materials. The smallest of germs heavily impact the behavior of such semiconductors. Thus, semiconductor cleanroom system is the boon in such multifunctional spaces. Cleanrooms in sustainable energy spaces can be easily upgraded to higher ISO levels. Equipment malfunction or electrostatic discharges are the two common disruptions that may come along the way of semiconductor cleanrooms, though both the situations can be solved with our exquisite solutions.

E-Liquid Vape

Most e-Liquid vape manufacturers are still waiting for the regulations to become laws when they will mandatorily need to opt for modern cleanrooms. Then waiting for the last minute, they should start choosing the right cleanroom manufacturer and begin the work as it leads to contamination-free production benefitting the quality and quantity of their products. Our cleanroom solutions cater the e-vape production area, bulk storage area & packaging areas.