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Air handling

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LAF, Airlock, and Fume Hoods

Maintaining precise standards of cleanliness and security is vital in controlled environments such as pharmaceutical facilities, and laboratories....
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Cleanroom Dynamics & CFD Analysis

Have you ever wondered how engineers forecast fluid or air movement? Imagine being in a medical operating room,...
Air changer per hour

Air Changes Per Hour (ACPH)

What is ACPH? Air Changes Per Hour (ACPH) is a critical metric used to quantify the rate at...

What are HVAC Systems?

HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems play a critical role in maintaining proper conditions within a cleanroom....

An Insider Look: Passbox vs Airlock

Passbox and airlock are two types of controlled environments used in various industries to prevent contamination during material...

Cleanroom Pressurization

Cleanroom pressurization refers to the control of air pressure within a cleanroom environment to maintain desired cleanliness levels...

Why Airlocks?

Ante Rooms Are So Important in GMP Facilities Airlock systems play an important role in pharmaceutical industries, protecting...

Cleanrooms and Air Filtration

One of the main things that makes a cleanroom “clean”, is the air distribution & filtration system. The...

The Importance of Cleanroom Airflow

Any controlled environment or cleanroom is expected to maintain a contamination-free, conditioned, and consistent air flow. Maintaining consistent cleanroom airflow is...