Cannabis: The Next Big Industrial Step for ACH Engineering


ACH Engineering, a Canadian company, is finally moving on to the next big step to help you in Cannabis cultivation by providing cultivation cleanroom turnkey solutions. We take pride in providing the best engineering minds to make sure you have the ideal environment to grow the finest cannabis. Regardless of the specific strains you need to grow, ACH Engineering will provide you with a customized cleanroom construction requirement which suits your indoor growing needs and promises to increase the yield by at least two times.

Legalization of Cannabis

Cannabis cultivation in Canada is all the hype ever since the Canadian government legalized it in 2018. It was a leap into a whole new untapped industry, and today, the growth of the cannabis industry in medicine has never been more profitable. Potential investors, from all over Canada, are jumping onto the opportunity to invest in this cash crop. Our top, hardworking minds provide clients with the best cleanroom environments for cultivation, cultivation cleanroom equipment, and cleanroom design assistance in their projects. With our leading turnkey cleanroom solutions and highly specific modular cleanroom solutions, your start-up cannabis business is sure to flourish.

cannabis cultivation

Cannabis & Cleanrooms

Clean rooms are usually used in high-tech manufacturing industries such as Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare and Food industries. Its ultimate purpose is to control airborne contamination by maintaining humidity, temperature, and air quality. Our company has a dedicated team just towards the quality control of our designed, manufactured, supplied, installed, and commissioned cleanrooms for cultivation to make sure it helps you to meet or exceed the standard of your cannabis crop.

It is astonishing to see how much the competition has increased in the cannabis market, just only a year after its legalization in Canada. Cultivators are sending out their product in the market, all year long and each time with better quality and improved strains. To keep up with the competition, we provide our clients with extensive controlled environment cultivation services and solutions which are well within their proposed budget and timeline. We have dealt with several cannabis cultivator clients by now, and we are proud to say that we have provided hands-on planning for modular cleanroom solutions for cannabis, and our installation of growing facilities have received extremely positive responses with all our clients’ demands met on time.

cannabis cultivation

You can count on us for:

  • Project Management
  • Construction Management
  • Discipline Engineering Drawings
  • City Permit Application
  • Selection of Suitable Equipment with Process and Packing
  • Thorough Equipment Inspection
  • Modular Cleanroom Material Supply and Installation
  • HVAC Design and Supply along with commissioning and start-ups

The designs of our Grow Cleanrooms solutions for cultivation are molded in a way that they can harbor all the phases of cannabis production from cultivation to harvesting. Our cleanrooms are up to the reasonable Canadian building standards as well as meeting all Health Canada expectations for GMP designed with humidity control equipment for cultivation.

Your requirements are important to us. So whether you are a start-up company who is new to the cultivation business looking for affordable cleanroom for cannabis industry or a well-established company looking for a new state-of-the-art Growing facility – ACH Engineering is the best solution for all your cultivation needs.


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