Our Designs and installations ensure a high level of convenience, storage and safety which helps in increasing efficiency.

Each Separate Molecule is sealed with unique press fitting system, which makes it easy to interchange the module. We are the leading manufacturers to offer this unique design.

Reagent rack and work bench ensure that all essential services are within easy reach of the lab technicians.


  • Smooth surfaces ensure access to easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Interchangeable, relocatable and easy to install and maintain.
  • Prefabricated, pre-engineered, modular construction.
  • Available in choice of color to choose from
  • The Modular Lab Furniture of National & International standard available to suit any Laboratory requirements.
  • Our Designs & Moulding ensures a High level of Convenience, Storage and Safety there by increasing the maximum utility of these equipment.
  • All Lab Furniture are processed on CNC Machine with press fit arrangement and there is no welding done on any part which ensures no gaps in between results no bacterial or Pest development scope inside.

Laboratory Workstations with Service Panel

ACH Engineering Inc
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