Even the smallest of dust or microorganisms reduce the shelf life of medicines or affects patient health. Thus, drug manufacturers count on Pharmaceutical Cleanrooms as a unique control solution to maintain a continuous contamination-free environment eradicating facility design deficiency, inadequate process controls, or material issues in their production process.

ACH Engineering offers a comprehensive range of Pharmaceutical Cleanrooms in Canada and across the world. Quick and efficient services by the ACH team of engineers’ promises fully operational cleanroom implementation for sterile and hazardous drug operations including turnkey installation, validation/certification, and partial cleanroom construction.  Based on customer requirements, we choose the ISO level classification that ensures a complete controlled environment for pharma product manufacturing.

Our single-source solution of offering a fully compliant cleanroom with leading-edge modular fabrication technology ensures efficient manufacturing operation repeatedly, thereby enhancing business opportunities. Regulations of the pharmaceutical cleanroom are recommended by our cleanroom experts based on the type of cleanliness required, geographic market of the products and final market where the product will be traded.

Understanding the pivotal role of HVAC systems in pharmaceutical cleanrooms, we implement HVAC design systems that meet energy efficiency requirements and provide low operational costs. Air ventilation is maintained by optimizing gas ratio and adding external fresh air.

Our major Pharmaceutical Cleanroom design deliverables attend to the following –

  • Heat Gain calculation
  • Equipment Sizing with technical specification
  • Supply & Return fan specification
  • HEPA filter air distribution & Low level return grill
  • Humidity & Temperature Control
  • Fully controllable, and repeatable functions
  • Control manufacturing unit to prescribed ISO-level

ACH Engineering cleanrooms designed for pharmaceutical companies always have scope of expansion, modification, relocation or can be simply sold intact. Making complete utilization of the size and shape of the compounding facility, our cleanrooms are flexible and scalable. We maintain an integrated approach in designing, manufacturing, installing, testing and certifying our turnkey cleanroom development and construction projects.

  • Recognized leader in cleanroom innovation
  • Successful implementation of any cleanroom project
  • On-time and on budget cleanroom projects only
  • Cleanroom blueprints based on efficiency, compliance, and scalability
  • Maintain quality and safety
  • Guaranteed environmental performance of the cleanroom suite

Allow us to assist you in selecting the right components and features that fit the requirements of your pharmaceutical cleanroom and utilize our years of experience to deliver cost-effective solutions.

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