The 360 Degree Approach (Design to Build)

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At ACH Engineering, we strive to provide our clients and customers with the best cleanroom solutions and associated engineering services. The 360° approach allows us to plan, execute and deliver our best turnkey outcome each time. It offers our clients a well rounded and complete experience with our experienced cleanroom professionals, ensuring every step is complete in the process of finishing your project on time, on budget and as per scope requirements.

Phase 1: Design & Engineering

  1. Initial Consultation for Scope Clarity
  2. Quote and PO Approval
  3. Site Data Collection
  4. Preparation of Engineering Drawings
    • Architectural Design
    • Structural Design
    • Mechanical Design – HVAC, Drain & Plumbing
    • Electrical Design
    • Fire Safety & Sprinkler Design
  5. Submission to City for Approval
  6. Coordinate with City to Get Permit for Construction
  7. Bid Package Preparation for Construction

Phase 2: Supply & Installation

  1. Prepare Approval Drawings for Client with Utility Cutout Details:
    • Supply & Return Grill
    • LED Lights
    • Monitoring System Sensors & Controllers
    • Electrical Receptacles
    • Sprinkler Head Location
  2.  Custom Fabrication of Modular Walls, Ceiling, Doors & Windows
  3. Supply Material to Client’s Site
  4. Construction Phase Starts after City Permit Approval
  5. Cleanroom Installation Begins
  6. Construction Cleaning upon Completion

Phase 3: Commissioning

  1. Commissioning of Mechanical Systems:
    • AHU
    • Boilers
    • Condensers
    • Chiller
  2. Balancing & Testing Air Flow According to ISO Class Design Requirements
  3. Commissioning Report
  4. As-Built Drawing & Technical Documentation for Client
  5. Certification of Cleanroom
  6. Final Handover to Client