A vital ingredient in the creation of modular cleanroom systems are wall panels which form a substantial part of our product offerings. Our wall panels are manufactured in standard sizes and can also be customized depending on the application requirement.

Modular clean room systems are wall panels designed for ease in installation and a practical functionality, while maintaining a modular flexibility to interchange through ease of demount ability. Whether you are adding-on, modifying an existing facility, or constructing a new facility, our wall panel portfolio offers materials to suit your specific application.

Our Modular Cleanroom Wall System Features

  • Quick, Modular and Lightweight Construction
  • State-of-the-art modular cleanroom technology
  • Easy installation for a true modular cleanroom
  • Pre-fabricated with factory made cut out for utility.
  • Unique Intermediate Locking System to easily Add or Remove Single Panel.
  • Demountable & Easy to Re-locatable the Modules or Components
  • Post Cap Fitting for Easy access of Cabling and other Utilities matching the Clean Room Application
  • cGMP certified cleanroom design
  • Full compatibility with chemicals used for cleanroom cleaning and sanitizing
  • Flush surfaces
  • Better Flexibility, Durability, Aesthetic and Elegant appearance with the use of Aluminium Profile.
  • Material – GI, Aluminium, SS, HPL, Glass, uPVC
  • ​Height – upto 10ft height but can go upto 30ft with joints
  • Repair – 100% repairable in position
  • ​Core material PUF, PUR, Rockwool, Aluminium Honey comb
  • Air Return – Integrated low-level return duct inside Panel (Riser)
  • ​Life Span –  40 years and counting
  • Color Choice as per Our Standard Shade Card

Panel Conformance

  • Fire Resistance / Surface Burning as per – ASTM E84-17a and CAN / ULC S109-10 – CLASS 1
  • Compressive Strength / Compressive Load Carrying Capacity as per ASTM E72-15 (section 9) – 20000lb load carrying capacity.
  • Air Leakage at the joints of panels as per ASTM E283-04
  • DESIGN – ISO 14644 / GMP / FDA
  • ​GC MARK Certification for product quality accredited by UL-DQS Germany
  • ISO 9001-2008 Quality System Certification

Panel Options

1. With PUF Core

  • GI Powder Coated
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Glass
  • uPVC coated


  • Good insulation performances (noise and heat)
  • Easy to handle onsite cutting
  • Good mechanical stability
  • Competitive price

2. With Rockwool Core

  • GI Powder Coated
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Glass
  • uPVC coated


  • Good insulation performances (noise and heat)
  • Good fire resistance
  • Competitive price compared with Aluminium Honeycomb

3. With Aluminium Honeycomb Core

  • GI Powder Coated
  • Aluminum
  • Glass
  • uPVC coated


  • High fire resistance
  • Low weight and high compressive strength
  • Mechanical stability
  • Anti Microbial

Technical Specifications

  • Standard size: Max 1219 X 3048mm (4’X10’) (Other sizes customizable on request)
  • Face MOC: GI powder-coated / SS / HPL / Glass
  • Wall Panel Thickness: 60 / 80 / 100 mm
  • Panels supported to extruded aluminium profiles on bottom & top.
  • Fire retardant PUF as In-Fill (Other In-Fill options available on request) See options
  • Factory- made cutouts for integration with Pass boxes, Autoclaves etc.
  • In-built power sockets and Magnehelic manometers
  • ASTM Fire Spread rating (FSI) – Class 1
  • CAN/ULC S102 Fire Spread rating – PASS
  • UL 723 – PASS
  • ASTM E72-15 Wall compression load bearing – More than 20,000 LB
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