Medical Cannabis Industries (Cultivation)

We are a leading modular cleanroom supplier to medical cannabis industries. Our engineers are committed to creating customized spaces to suit the most challenging needs of medical cannabis industries. Our systems are fully customizable to your organization’s unique needs. We promise to deliver outstanding results on time and within your budget.

ACH Engineering has been providing turnkey cleanroom solutions in Canada for many years. To stay relevant and up to date, we have updated our systems and technological capabilities to match industry demands and standards. Due to the recent demand in the cannabis cultivation industry, we have been able to expand into the medical cannabis cultivation sector and assist our clients in new ways.

Cannabis is beneficial in the treatment of several diseases, including Alzheimer’s, cancer, eating disorders, epilepsy, nausea, glaucoma, etc. We subject our medicinal cannabis to the same standards as any other medication in the industry.

Enabling The Best Growing Environment

Growing cannabis requires precision and strict environmental conditions so that the crop can thrive in a controlled environment. Our engineers specialize in the design and installation of various class of cleanrooms, ranging from ISO6 to ISO8. During the consultation process, a cleanroom expert will work with you to determine the best design to suit your demands. Our engineers are capable of a custom installation of modular cleanroom walls, flush design doors, and suspended ceilings and vision panels.

Cannabis cultivation can be a tricky process; you often need the perfect controlled cleanroom environment to have the plants grow under artificial conditions.

ImageOur Modular cleanroom walls are one of the best cleanroom products. We design the insulated metal panels according to our client’s needs. Modular cleanroom walls are divider boards intended for easiness in the establishment and manageable usefulness while keeping up secluded adaptability to move because of their easy to demount capacity. Regardless of whether you are adding, altering a current space, or developing another space, our modular walls portfolio offers materials to suit your particular application.

What We Offer?

Our systems feature services and products such as quick construction due to modular concept, ease of installation, moveable modules and components, GMP designed, compatibility with sanitizing and disinfecting chemicals, and a material life span of 30 years.

From Rockwool core to aluminum honeycomb core, we offer a wide range of insulated metal panels to choose from. Different types of panels have various benefits like some are good insulators of noise and heat, some are fire-resistant, and mechanically stable whereas all of them are easy to handle onsite and have high compressive strength along with being cost-efficient.

ACH engineering will provide you with the best systems to grow your cannabis in a way that leads to the success of your business.

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