According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 290,000+ patients suffer surgical site and hospital-acquired infection every year leading to death or critical condition.  Thus, to ensure patient safety in controlled environment by minimizing dust, airborne particles and microorganisms in hospital premises and surrounding areas, the healthcare sector is increasingly investing in cleanroom facility.

Though initially hospital cleanrooms were limited to surgical suites – operation theater only, now hospitals are additionally installing cleanroom in burn units, isolation areas, quiet rooms, corridors and every space that are exposed to bio-hazardous materials. The aim is to achieve high air cleanliness levels and maintain absolute sterile environment.

ACH Engineering has been a world-class partner to several hospitals and healthcare facilities and is an expert by far in developing and implementing fully flush designed hospital cleanrooms for different applications. Strictly adhering to high quality stringent cleanroom standards, our hospital and healthcare cleanrooms maintain high level of environmental control including moisture level, pressure and contamination.

Our turnkey modular cleanrooms for hospitals can stand freely or can be incorporated in existing HVAC structures. We invest maximum time in airflow and filtration designing; install premium prefilters and HEPA filters classification construction, single pass or re-circulating systems with many airflow options, a variety of lighting options and laminar air flow systems for multi-stage air filtration in the hospital premises. The goal is to remove airborne particles, minimize contamination and retain a controlled airflow.

In case, we find below efficiency standard filter in DOP test, we replace the filter media on immediate notice. We deliver cleanroom systems with overuse capability and aggressive cleaning regimen.

Stages of ACH Engineering Hospital Cleanroom Project

  • Consultancy Services
  • Cleanroom Planning and Engineering
  • Airflow & Filtration Design
  • Cleanroom Construction
  • Industry-specific equipment installation
  • Commissioning & Certification

We build highest level of hospital contamination control attending to project cost, span and operational requirements. Our in-house engineering, design and construction management team has extensive cross-market industry knowledge and solid expertise in the hospital and healthcare sector.

  • Minimal cleanroom downtime
  • Existing facilities into cleanroom environments
  • Wide range of customized cleanrooms
  • Easy cleaning of bio-hazardous material
  • Excellent cleanroom monitoring and particle monitoring systems
  • Real-time quality control of the air
  • Fabrication, Installation, Validation and Commissioning

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