Modular Walls

Cleanroom Solutions to Meet Your Requirements

A vital component in the creation of modular cleanrooms are the wall panels in which form an important part of our product offering. Our wall panels are manufactured in standard sizes and can also be customized depending on the application requirement.

Modular wall panels are designed for ease in installation and a practical functionality, while maintaining a modular flexibility to interchange through ease of demount ability. Whether you are adding-on, modifying an existing facility, or constructing a new facility, our wall panel portfolio offers materials and designs suit your specific application.

Some of the wall panel materials and designs that we can provide, and install are:

  • High Pressure Laminated (HPL)
  • Galvanized Iron, Powder Coated
  • Stainless Steel
  • uPVC

Modular panels can be insulated with Polyurethane (PUR), Polyurethane Foam (PUF), Rockwool (RW), Paper Honeycomb or Aluminum Honeycomb.

room with modular cleanroom walls

Modular walls from
our projects

Cleanroom Modular Walls

Diversified Offering

Our modular walls / ceilings are available in different designs and materials to suite its application and projects budgets while conforming to cGMP requirements.

True Modularity

Our modular walls / ceilings have unique intermediate locking system that makes it easy to add or remove panels, it also makes it super easy to move your structure from one place to another.

Long Lifespan

Our modular walls / ceilings have 40 years, and counting, lifespan due to its robust design and compatibility with chemicals used for cleanroom cleaning.

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