Cleanroom Flush Design Door Installation

1. Frame Installation

1.1. ACH supplies cleanroom application doors in North America region for Health Care clients.

1.2. Doors have 3 piece knock down frame for easy installation after the modular walls construction is completed.

1.3. Normally each door frame (3 pieces) comes in 1 stretch wrapped bundle so you don’t have to search for the matting piece.

1.4. Aftter the receipt of the crate, open the crate carefully as wooden crate may have nails.

1.5. Expect total 3 pieces of the frame like the attached Photo#1.

1.6. Right hand doors frame is marked with R1, R2 & R3.

1.7. Left hand doors frame is marked with L1, L2 & L3.

R1 / L1 :- Vertical Jamb #1
R2/L2 :- Horizontal Top Jamb
R3/L3:- Vertical Jamb #2

1.8. The frame & door comes with required hardware (as per order). Ensure to have it inside the crate.

  • Hinges
  • Round D Handle & Push Plate
  • Door Closure
  • Anchor Screws
  • Caps for holes
  • Bottom Swiper
  • Latch & Lock (if ordered)

1.9. Each Piece of the frame will be marked with dimension for referrence and matching with packing slip.

1.10. Start with Horizontal Top Jamb installation.

1.11. Anchor the Horizontal Top Jamp on modular wall cutout. You may need to insert 2”x4” wood block inside the panel to hold frame, depending the wall construction.

1.12. After successful installation of horizontal top jamb, install R1 / L1 Vertical Jamb #1 piece.

1.13. Slide this piece inside the panel and try to push it through the grove for locking the system as shown in picture.

1.14. It may be little hard to push frame inside the given slot on horizontal piece. But it will be installed that way so it will not come out in future.

1.15. Refer attached photo #2, #3, #4 for more information on frame installation.

1.16. Ensure the levelling of the frame with reference during frame installation.

1.17. After successfully installation of frame, please find out the accessories ordered.

1.18. After pushing vertical frame #1 (R1/L1) thru the horizontal top jamb (R2/L2) grove, please hold frame and anchor it to the side. You may need 2”x4” wood piece for anchoring purpose.

2. Hardware Preparation

Normally, the following accessories (hardware) comes with the order. Please find out from crate.

2.1. Hinges (SS material)

2.2. D-Handle & Push Plate (SS material)

2.3. Door Closure (Aluminum & SS options available)

2.4. Anchoring Screw

2.5. Door Latch (If ordered)

  • a. SS material
  • b. Option to have lock included
  • c. Other latch options available

2.6. Door Striker (If ordered)

  • a. UL approved – Locally purchased
  • b. Includes various plate size to suit door frame sizes
  • c. Frame can be made with electrical raceway for striker electrical

2.7. After identifying all required hardware, now let’s install door on the frame.

2.8. Install hinges on door leaf first then on frame for easy handling.

2.9. Ensure to screw all holes provided on hinges.

2.10. Now install other hardware – Handle or Latch, Door closure, lock set / Striker, etc.

2.11. At last the following procedure will be done to set bottom swiper.

3. Bottom Swiper installation

1. The bottom swiper has unique design to work automatically. Meaning, when the door is closed, the swiper pushed out to the floor and when the door is open, it will go inside the door leaf.

2. This mechanism will prevent scratches on floor also, it can be set to balance pressurization inside the room.

3. Each door leaf will come with bottom swiper already installed inside the leaf; only setup is required after installation completed.

4. Refer the photo with black pin. The black pin comes with in hardware box. This pin has thread to open & close based on your gap between floor & door leaf. If the pin is almost close, the door swiper will come out minimum and vice versa.

5. Push this pin into the back side of the door as shown.

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