Benefits Over Competitor

Advanced features of the clean doors – Benefits over competitor

1. Clean Design

Our doors are made fully seamless with smooth panel surface with options of powder coating or painted surface with the concept to use in cGMP environment. The doors are suitable for any kind of hygienic & non-hygienic requirement.

2. Outstanding Strength

The construction of the door includes internal aluminum profile, puffed or honey comb insulation between sides, and back plate with external desired thickness of metal / aluminum plate to form outstanding door leaf. Minimum door leaf thickness 48 mm.

3. Air tight seal

Unique designed doors & frame with rubber seals which protects air transfer thru door to prevent cross contamination.

4. Door interlocking

Door leaf interlocking system developed to meet all regulatory expectation for preventing any air bourn cross contamination between clean rooms (Airlock designs) .

5. Automatic drop bottom seal / swiper (Protect flooring from scratch)

Specially designed adjustable bottom swiper provided to all doors which operate automatically up & down when door get open & close to protects the floor from scratch.

6. Improved frame design

Regular standard design & Knock down frame suitable for any kind of wall (Concrete, Drywall, Metal partition). Knock down frame aligns perfectly to eliminate gaps and easy for installation after completing all construction activities. Frames installation with hidden anchor bolt (Concealed design)

7. Double sided toughen glass (Flush design)

Our doors are provided with both side toughen (tempered) glasses, secured with 3M tape & silicon caulking on viewing panel. Both side glass contributes in flush design. No place left for dust to hide.

8. Competitive Price with extraordinary quality

Doors are made in India which brings the door cost lower. For any size of the project, the cost-effective solution provides cost saving on overall budget.
Doors are manufactured with fully automated machines and highly skilled manpower which delivers the quality products consistently.

9. Manual & Power operated doors

Our doors are suitable for any kind of operation. Manual / Power operated. Our can provide power operated programmable actuator with Stainless Steel shroud (30 / 45/ 60 slope) GMP design

10. Exceptional Support

Local presence in North America to provide on time support (Selection of suitable door for application, Installation, Technical & Maintenance)
One stop shop for your entire clean room doors requirement. Aluminum, GI, SS doors with frames & all kind of hardware.

11. Quick delivery for various standard sizes doors

(a) Standard

(b) Any custom sizes can be made as per customer’s requirement

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