ACH Engineering Inc. offers a wide range of CAD Design Services in 2D & 3D Modeling. With the combination of skilled, qualified & experienced CAD professionals coupled with the latest tools, ACH Engineering Inc. designers give our clients quality deliverables with quick turnaround time and high accuracy. Our proven approach towards 2D and 3D CADD has helped us getting more repeat work from clients all over the Canada.

Benefit we offer

  • Low-cost solutions
  • High-quality CAD design services
  • Experience CAD specialist in various discipline
  • Quick turn around
  • Bulk quantity services

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Our 2D Drafting Services:

  • Conversion of paper prints into digital formats
  • Checking and rework of 2D drawings as per client requirement
  • Using hand-marked drawings, point-cloud or photographs to create digital 2D versions
  • Format migration across different CAD platforms
  • Conversion of your entire legacy database to useful engineering information by making use of the latest technology
  • Redevelopment or editing of site engineer’s drawings as per project requirement
  • Updating or editing existing drawings based on modifications suggested after field use
  • Creating intelligent layout from all paper based legacy source data including manual sketches, study drawings, as-built drawings etc.
  • Conversion of PDF/TIFF formats to *.dwg format
  • Develop site plans, rework concepts, draft technical drawings easily and help you share your ideas across the team

ACH 3D Modelling Services:

  • Creative visualization with 3D Modeling Engineering you get 360-degree views for all industry components like Equipment, Piping, Duct, Steel Structures and Supports etc. This enables you to detect and mitigate any clashes/interference in the design at an early stage. Use animated walk throughs to help communicate and visualize design for end customers.
  • We offer 3D Design Engineering for each stage of project design and development right from concept to accurate designs and documentation for fabrication/consultation.
  • 3D Model concept of cleanroom to visualize idea for concept
  • Software administration including specifications writing and customization of special products
  • Using a variety of different sources of information including existing records, assets photographs and LiDAR scan data we can create and/or update 3D intelligent models containing utility infrastructure (i.e. equipment, piping, ducts, cables, etc.) with corresponding attribute information for both above and below grade assets.
  • 3D Modeling as per 2D drawing with line sketch provided by customers

As-Built Documentation Services:

ACH Engineering Inc. Provides as-built documentation services across all disciplines including Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Food, Hospitals & Health care, Cosmetic, Medical Cannabis, Electronic and many other industries. Our as-built drawing services help engineering design firms to create accurate documentation so that all the changes made during the construction phase of the plant are recorded and updated, as they happen. Our team can provide this service either to get a project started or at the end, based on the client needs and the stage of the project.

Document Management System Services:

ACH Engineering Inc. provides DMS services which used to track, manage and store documents and reduce paper work. Get rid of piles of papers with our scanning and digitization services. Restore scanned documents in cloud for a better document management experience! Ultimately, we will deliver your files to our storage facility and maintain them in a secure environment upon expiry, we provide secure, confidential shredding and destruction services.

Document Management System Services

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