As-Built Documentation Services

Why As-Built Documentation?

Engineering plants and EPC companies often run into a dead-end while trying to upgrade plant facilities or construction. This happens when the existing designs and engineering drawings are out of sync with the actual assembly and structures. As-built drafts or documentation is considered a best-practice across industries to document all the changes in design and structure as they happen over the course of construction.

As-built drafting is an important process of plant design engineering or any engineering project. As-built drawings and documentation are essentially the conclusive set of drawings created post the completion of an engineering project and include all the changes that were made to the original designs. These include modifications, field changes, design changes, extra work and every change that was approved and implemented during the construction and commissioning phase, as well as handwritten notes and sketches explaining the changes.

Benefits of As-Built Documentation:

As-built drawings are the definitive document proof of how the final construct is executed and show how the final construction was implement, demonstrating the status of existing conditions “as-is”, as opposed to original designs or proposed conditions. As-built drafting services are critical because of the legacy value they provide to various industries along with helping in knowledge transfer of all components related to the plant. The documents are important because they are the record from which future changes and revisions can be designed. They hold high value for the operations and maintenance(O&M) staff, especially when employees are replaced with attrition.

There are many benefits associated with as-built plan services and having updated drawings of your facilities. As-built drawing provide crucial information like location and sizes of all components, concealed elements, pipe and duct routing, terminal unit locations and control system sensor locations among many others. Thus, you can be certain with as-built documents in place, that future renovation/redesign initiatives are very efficient and productive. With the help of as-built engineering drawings, you can confidently carry out expansion plans, additions or modifications of existing facilities as well as complete rebuild.

Businesses also rely on as-built designs to gain important information for safety measures like process safety management and hazard analysis requirements. The documentation basically is an important part of the emergency preparedness of a company’s employees as it contains the details of all the high-risk areas and potential hazards within a plant along with details of equipment lists and shutdown keys and switches.

All our team of drafters and designers need is marked up red-lined drawings that will be updated on the CAD drawings within a short time. Clients can expect close to 100% accuracy for these as-built CAD drawings.

The benefits from as-built modeling services lie in:

  • Capturing construction deviations from construction documents
  • Important resource for future maintenance and planning
  • Provides a snapshot of existing design
  • Verify and confirm existing assets or assets acquired through mergers & acquisitions

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